About us



 Favourite finds from fabulous places.

The only thing more beautiful than the joy of discovery is the joy of sharing your finds with others. Our personal "travel souvenirs" from all over the world evoke many positive emotions back home and enrich our everyday lives. In today's world, where everything is available everywhere, these special, unique things are the true luxury. With LOUÏKKA, we want to share these special things with you and hope that they will be treasured and long-lasting companions for you too.


What is important to us.

Our products are unique and have come a long way to your home. They are handmade locally by our producers, usually with a whole family of craftsmen behind them who have passed their skills down through generations. We treat them with great respect and appreciation. In the selection of materials we pay attention to high quality and - where possible - we use vintage fabrics, giving them a new life and style. We take great care in both the goods we make for ourselves and in the selection of our partners. All our artisans receive a fair price for the goods they make for us with love.

Louisa Schöne & Katrin von Wiedebach