We cherish the personal connections we share with our producers. These relationships are based on mutual respect, trust, and a shared passion for craftsmanship.
We are deeply committed to ensuring fair working conditions. It goes without saying that we pay our producers fairly for the goods they've lovingly crafted.


Kenyan Leather and Bead Cooperative:

We partner with a cooperative in Kenya that produces high-quality leather goods and bead works for us. Through this collaboration, we support local artisans and their families while promoting sustainable practices in the leather industry. Through this collaboration, particularly women benefiting from remote villages in northern Kenya who receive training and employment opportunities.

Jaipur Block Printing Family Business:

In Jaipur, we work closely with a family-run block printing business that has passed down their treasured craft over generations. Block printing unfolds as a meticulous journey - from delicately carving wood blocks to harmonising dyes and the slow, methodical printing process. By maintaining a personal relationship with this family, we ensure that their traditional techniques are preserved and celebrated in every piece we create together. 

Istanbul Kilim Shoe Workshop:

Our partnership with a family-run workshop in Istanbul brings you unique LOUÏKKA Kilim Loafers. Our shoes are handmade by talented artisans from vintage kilims and take two full days to complete. These kilims which originate from different regions of Turkey, are usually made from the natural wool of robust grazing sheep. This wool, known for its durability and good dyeability, is an excellent renewable and sustainable fibre source. We are passionate fans of this traditional craftsmanship and are proud to recycle these ancient kilims and give them a new, stylish life, each pair of loafers infused with Turkey’s vibrant cultural legacy. 

Moroccan Tailoring Workshop:

Our jackets and coats are lovingly handcrafted in Marrakech by skilled artisans, whose families have honed their craft for generations. Nestled within the vibrant Medina, our partners operate a quaint workshop, where every stitch is imbued with tradition and care. Featuring exquisite embroideries and unparalleled craftsmanship, each LOUÏKKA piece tells a story of Morocco's rich cultural heritage.