Washing and Care

All our LOUÏKKA garments are crafted in limited quantities, utilizing unique techniques and textiles that set them apart from the realm of fast fashion.

To maintain the exquisite Moroccan jackets and coats, we recommend opting for careful steaming rather than chemical cleaning. This gentle approach preserves the fabric's integrity, ensuring its longevity. Treat any stains with a delicate touch and use a damp cloth to wipe away marks very carefully if necessary.

The Moroccan kaftans can be laundered using a gentle detergent in the machine's hand wash program. Remember to turn them inside out to protect the intricate embroidery. Post-washing, refrain from using the tumble dryer; rather, let them air dry on a clothesline.

For LOUÏKKA’s block-printed dresses, avoid dry cleaning and opt for either machine or hand washing as a delicate item. Gently sponge away marks and use a natural detergent without bleach or lighteners. For optimal results, a cold rinse cycle, a spin, and then hanging to dry are recommended. Iron the dress while damp, or use a small hand-steamer for a flawless finish, slipping it between the lining and outer layers. Never leave the dress damp in the machine overnight.

For the upkeep of our Velvet Slippers and  KIlim Loafers, take precautions if they get wet by stuffing them with newspaper and allowing them to air-dry. Handle stains with a damp cloth, taking care not to compromise the intricate detailing. Following these steps ensures your loafers maintain their sophistication.